3 Years later...

Hello to everybody! This is the comeback of the Freaks!
3 years of busy life passed and the Blog was forgotten.
All the links are alive again.

vendredi 25 mai 2007

The Freak Scene - Psychedelic Psoul - 1967


The Freak Scene Had enjoyed some success with their 1966 studio project The Deep, the following year the song writing/performing team of Mark Barkan and Rusty Evans decided to take another stab at making some money off of the public's growing interest in psychedelia and political activism. Signed by Columbia, the duo pulled together most of the studio pros who'd worked with them on the earlier project (reportedly including guitarist David Bromberg), resulting in the release "Psychedelic Psoul".

Highly Recommended *****


lundi 21 mai 2007

MÁQUINA! - Why? Máquina! - 1970


"Why?" is a classic item of the spanish progressive psycheledia, and maybe the very first underground rock group to have recorded in Franco’s Spain, their first single dating back to early 69, and the following year, their first Lp was out with a striking artwork depicting a clock coming out from a croissant meaning that it was time to wake-up (have breakfast and get ready for a new day). High fly Psychedelia with the twenty five minute track "why?" Fuzz and wah wah guitars, powerful hammond, Enjoy.

Musicians are : JM Paris (guitars) - Luis Cabanach (guitars, bass) - JM Vilaseca (drums) - Enrique Herrera (keyboards) - Jordi Batiste (vocals, flute, bass).

Recorded at : Discos "Als 4 Vents" Barcelona.


mercredi 9 mai 2007

Soft Machine - Jet Propelled Photographs - 1967


The first live recordings of Soft Machine ..... with Daevid Allen !

Robert Wyatt (drums, vocals)
Mike Ratledge (keyboards).
Daevid Allen (guitar)
and Kevin Ayers (bass, vocals)


Traffic Sound - Yellow Sea Years 68-71


This is TRAFFIC SOUND’s famous recordings done between 68 and 71, great anthology of the most important Peruvian psychedelic band !!

Phluph - 1968


Hailing from Boston in the late sixties, Phluph recorded their one and only album for the Verve record label before drifting off into obscurity. One wonders why such a talented group never achieved success in the music industry. Perhaps Verve, being a predominatly jazz based label, did not know how to promote the band properly. Or perhaps it was because Phluph were part of the ill-fated "Bosstown Sound" scene which caused such a furore in the music industry at that time.
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