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samedi 8 mai 2010

Chubby Checker - 1971


After only barely floating around on a few European budgetline LP labels in the past, the Underground Masters label has finally undertaken the oft-talked about Chubby Checker psych reissue into CD realm. Recorded in 1971 while crashing in Holland, Checker took the time to explore his fandom/friendship with Hendrix (paid tribute to on "Ballad of Jimi"), explore some, uh, other elements Holland ably provided ("Stoned In the Bathroom"), and knocked out quite an interesting detour on his Twist-soaked career.
Other titles include "No Need To Get So Heavy", "Goodbye Victoria", "If the Sun Stopped Shining", and "Let's Go Down." There's no info on the band backing him up, unfortunately. Check out Chubby getting some Jesus into the proceedings on "He Died"

Visit : WFMU and ENJOY!

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